Wednesday, December 10, 2008


A mighty sandstorm has forced our caravan to camp for many days now. The storm reminds me of the one that buried the fabled city of Tul'zanhah in the 10th century. That storm raged for several months, and when the skies finally cleared, Tul'zanhah with its mighty towers and jeweled temples was lost to the desert forever.

Before the storm descended on us, Lady Trixie added another half mile to our total. Inch by inch, we near Jericho.

Exciting news: Lady Roen and her camel Drama have joined us. Roen and Drama have added two miles to our total. Also, Lady Coral and her camel Penguin have chosen to travel with us. They make a welcome addition to our ranks. I feel blessed by all the female beauty and intelligence that surrounds me. If one is forced to camp in a tent for days on end, it makes the hours pass more serenely to have such as these to gaze upon.

The winds howl constantly. It is amazing how our minds attempt to make these strange sounds into words. I understand the legends of the terrible and beautiful sand sirens started. After days of listening to the wind, I too have thought that I heard my name called by a woman's voice, but it is only the wind. That is all it is. Just the wind.

6875 miles to go as we walk to Jericho.