Wednesday, January 18, 2006

2 very hard earned pounds

Well for the 1st time in well over 2 months I lost weight. I lost 2 lbs. I am embarrassed to say I was a little shocked. I did make better choices, but did not write down my calories.

The ladies group that meets at our church, we are counting calories and fat grams. We are using a book called "The Calorie Queens" as our inspiration. These ladies figured out how many calories it would take to maintain there ideal weight. Then just started eating them like they were already there.

Between the mother and daughter they lost around 300 lbs in a year. So we doing the same. To figure how many calories it takes to maintain a weight take the weight x 12. My goal is 150 lbs. 150x12= 1800 calories. That is a pretty simple way to look at it but it is science. It has to work if you do it. It does come off more slowly the closer you get to your goal.

This helps me because you are not limited when you eat out. We went on web sights for most all the fast food joints. They list all calories, fat grams, carbs and such. We printed it off I put mine in a binder. That way I can make good choices no matter where we go.

By the way Sonic low fat fruit smoothie has 500 calories in it..It may be low fat but the base is high in sugar..

I did not do very well yesterday. I was stress eating. My friend Doris that I used to take care of. She is in the hospital. Please pray for her. The doctors said she will not be able to go back to her home. I am not sure where she will end up. (for those who do not know Doris had tumors on her Brain stem when she was in her early 20's they put her in a wheel chair. She is now 49)

She has the most wonderful attitude. She could barely talk because they have a tube in her throat like Christopher Reeves had. But she wanted me to pray that God would place her where he could use her the most..

Good luck, hang in there tech. Look how far you have come. Good luck to every one else. To bad we couldn't have a group picture beginning and when we end. My precious little princess took one of me. It is my start.

My goal (gosh if put it down I am now accountable for it) it is 75lbs..wheew that was hard..75 - 2 now 73


TECH said...

Way to go, JD!

Trixie said...


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Anonymous said...

Good for you!!

I thought of asking if anyone wanted to post "before" pics when we started, but I decided I didn't want to. ;)

Prayers for Doris.

Mama Rose said...

Nice job. And I'll keep Doris in my prayers.


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