Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tip for Tracking

There's a great nutrition log on the website for those of you who like to keep track of what you're eating. You have to register to use all the features on this website, but it's free. The nutrition log will have suggestions for what you should eat, and naturally it centers around Slim Fast products, but you can delete their suggestion and put in what you actually ate or are going to eat, and it will calculate the calories, carbs, protein and sugar grams and vitamins. It's really cool. It will even give a daily summary or break down each meal for you.

On this site, there's also a place to keep track of your weight, with graphs showing your progress. There's even a place to keep track of your water intake. I've used this website in the past, but inconsistently. Now that I'm a little more motivated, thanks to y'all, I'm going to try and use it daily to help me stay on track. Just thought I'd pass it on to you. :)

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