Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Egg on My Face

I have to say I love Michelle's spanish potato omelet. :)

I took her idea and used potatoes o'brien (what could be easier?) and I added the olives back in, but mine were black. (Hate green!) I had to bake it a lot longer, I assume because the potatoes were still frozen. (Michelle?) I also used fat-free egg substitute, which cut the points down a lot. I'll try freezing a piece to see how it turns out--I'll let you know.

I'm going back to my food journal. I quit writing everything down because I was kind of keeping it in my head--I don't recommend that. If you work the program, the program works, and I need to get back to the real work.

Now I think I'll go lick my plate--yum! :)


Michelle said...

Yummy huh? I let the potatoes defrost a bit before I baked it. But I did bake it for the full 30 minutes.

I bought the Diary at my last meeting. I had been using the little handouts they give you the past couple of weeks, but decided I wanted something a little more substantial and something that showed I was in for the long term. (My usual mind over matter approach.) Writing everything down helps me immensly. I really thought it would be a pain in the butt, but am finding it makes me so much more concious of what I put in my mouth and body.

Go Frenzied!

FrenziedFeline said...

I'm going to have to look at the new diaries. When I started WW, they were counting, but slightly different, and I didn't like the diary. I'll have to see if I like the new one.

I did let the potatoes sit a bit before using them, but obviously not long enough. I'll let them sit longer next time.

Thanks! :)