Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just when you thought it was safe ... WWIN 7

It's a quiet, small-town neighborhood. Kids playing in the yards, dads grilling outdoors, mothers yelling for them all to come in because it's 30 freaking degrees below zero. We see one lone man walking down the street but not street walking.

Ominous music starts. Dumdum ...... dumdum .....

The man, whom we'll call Tech because that's his name, saunters on, whistling until the cold wind freezes his spit.

Dumdum .... dumdum ...

He looks around. His face shows shock and fear. He begins to run, but he's slow, hampered by the fact that his fat has glued his thighs together.


He looks back. He yells for help.


But too late! The fat shark has got him!

He struggles to no avail. He disappears, one hand holding up a Twinkie as he sinks beneath the waves of rolling fat.


I'm up 1.8 pounds, but down from last week when I was up 3.4 pounds. Yeah, I've been swimming with the fat sharks. How you been doin'?

Also, I've lost track of the total weight lost so when you give your WWIN this time, please give your total weight lost so that I can update the sidebar. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

LOL--what a visual!

My great progress last week seems to have taken a vacation. I seem to just be flirting with the 50-lb mark for WW. (Is it possible to be afraid of a number??) I'm going to blame it on (ahem) the impending visit of Aunt Flo.

Up 3.2. Argh.

My total loss is 3.5. Now, back on the pony! Charge!!!

Trixie said...

My total loss is 3 pounds. No success for me this week but I blame the ice. Yes, I do. Fat sharks thrive in Oklahoma ice!

Michelle said...

LOl You guys are so funny.

I am down 2.8 which gives me a total of 11.2

I think I would have lost more, but Gummy bears got ahold of me last week. Oh...and Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches aren't so skinny when you eat 2 of them in a row.

Congrats on your loss Tech! And congrats to everyone sticking with it!

Trixie said...

Michelle! You are our inspiration!

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO, MICHELLE!!! Woot! Woot! Woot! 11.2 total! That's great!

I hope the only sharks around me are the ones at the beach! =:o

Anonymous said...

Nice job with a loss after last week, Tech. I hope to be like you when I grow up! :)

Trixie, I still count a no-gain week as a success. :)

Michelle said...

Thanks guys!

That's really nice. I am happy for my loss, for sure. But like anyone else, I want to see more come off.
And NOW!

Ugh...but I know that isn't reasonable. I am hoping to shed 35 pounds before my trip to Disneyworld by May. That's only 2 more months for another 25 pounds. Yeesh.

I love WW and I am sticking to counting my points everyday. Last week, I used some of the extra allowance for the week. I hope I don't do that too much. It's too easy to say "AW..what the heck?"

I think we are all successes and inspirations by being here every week. :)

TECH said...

Well said, Michelle! This dieting stuff ain't for sissies, that's for sure.

jeannie diane said...

Well, Michelle you go girl..
Tech it is good to have you back.
good job guys, lets hang in..
Tie that knot. I think the shark
puked on me. I know he did not
bite any thing off. Because there
is nothing missing..(sigh)
I was up 1 lb so my total is 2lbs.

CrystalDiggory said...

lol That's a great visual Jeannie. :)

All of you are doing great and I'm glad we started this. I didn't gain or lose anything this week, and considering my lack of self-control this week, I'm actually pretty relieved.

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