Saturday, March 25, 2006


So this week, I've been focusing on cravings..what causes them and how to deal with them. Okay, actually I've been more focused on identifying them and satisfying them and I'm getting really good at that part. And, yes, I'm talking about food cravings. Stay with me now. :) Any other kind of cravings will be discussed on a secret blog only a few people with similar cravings know about. (Just kidding, Mom! There really isn't a secret blog, so DON'T go looking for it, okay? Seriously, I'm JUST kidding.)

Anyway, this week I've been craving mayo and tomato sandwiches. I've tried to make it healthy by sticking to whole wheat bread and low fat mayo, but I can't seem to get enough of them. I even had one for breakfast. I know cravings are said to be caused by your body's lacking something and since it wasn't a totally unhealthy snack, I just flowed with the craving. I find my life is a lot easier when I do that...But I've also been craving grape soda to the point it's become an obession. What is there in grape soda that makes me want it so? I'm not really a grape soda kinda person, I'm mostly a Mountain Dew and Pepsi kinda gal. I don't think it would be the sugar, because I manage to maintain a pretty good level of that. What else could it be? We ran out of grape soda this afternoon and I'm already trying to decide if it's worth the trip out in the cold, windy, dark night to try and find some more. Well, of course, it would be worth it, it's just that my lazy factor might be just a little stronger than my grape soda obession. It's too close to tell at this time. A couple nights ago I took grape soda and mixed it with fat-free frozen vanilla yogurt and made a grape shake. I tell you, I'm out of control. Maybe if someone could explain this obession with grape soda, I'll be able to wean myself off of it.

Or just tell me what some of your cravings are and how you deal with it. :)


Anonymous said...

Tomato and mayo sandwich? No turkey or ham? Just tomato and mayo? Hmm, must be an Okie thing. ;)

I had some cravings a few weeks ago that I couldn't seem to get a handle on. I decided I need to arm myself with an arsenal of "legal" snack ideas, both sweet and salty. Lately I've been downing a lot of sugar-free jello with a little fat-free Cool Whip on top. It's actually worked out pretty well. The trick is to have the jello made and the Cool Whip thawed so it's ready to go when the urge strikes.

By the way, I've been known to have sandwiches for breakfast, too. For me, it's better to give in to what I really want (with reason, of course) than to force myself to have a bowl a bran flakes. I find if I go with the cereal when I want a sandwich, I just end up thinking of the sandwich all morning and overdo it at lunch.

We humans are sure wired weird, huh? :)

CrystalDiggory said...

No turkey or ham -- it takes away from the juicy goodness of the tomato.

If you layer a little fruit with your Cool Whip and jello, you'll have a parfait! I used to make those to get my son to eat fruit when he was little. He thought it was dessert and I thought I was finally getting him to eat fruit. :)

My son told me my grape soda obession may be spurred because I'm just thirsty. He suggested drinking a glass of water first and then if I still wanted grape soda to drink it. Not a bad idea...

Anonymous said...

Smart kid, you have. :)

Good idea to put fruit on my jello. I thought of putting some IN last time I made it, but I wanted to have something at zero or VERY low points. Just adding the fruit on top would work when I want that. :)

TECH said...

I've had tomato sandwiches before. But I like them on toasted bread with no mayo. Just bread and juicy delicious tomatoes. A sprinkle of salt.

My craving is for peanut butter cups. I love 'em. LOVE THEM! I can't buy them in a bag because I will pour a large glass of milk and eat the whole bag. Later, of course, I'm violently sick, but for a while there, it's paradise.

jeannie diane said...

I have always been a meat and
veggie girl. The dessert's were
ok, but I wanted the food. If
I had to choose it would be
serious food.
But, in the last year, I will skip
good food for chocolate. I do not
know if my being so sick last year
had any thing to do with it or not.
But that is when I noticed it.

I have finally made it back to my
starting weight. CRAP..It is
almost the end of March. 3 months
down the toilet. But hey I am at
least back were I started.

Another thing I have noticed since
my surgeries last year. I was a
life long pepsi girl. Now I am
coke classic girl.

I like my tomato with mayo and
bacon. I have eaten cucumber and
mayo sandwiches.