Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's WWIN-sday (again?)

Well, I don't know how it happened, but I'm down two pounds this week for a total of two pounds lost. I'm now below where I started all those weeks ago. I hope you are all having a great week!


jaime said...

I'm finally down again. 1/2 lb, for 1.5 lost.

FrenziedFeline said...

Good for you Jaime!! Must be all your exercise building muscle. :)

I'm taking a pass this week.

Michelle said...

4lbs for me. That makes a total of 17.6

Congrats, to everyone.

Trixie said...

Michelle, you are really going great! Congratulations! And also to Jaime. FF, I nearly took a pass today, but I went ahead and weighed. What a surprise it was.

FrenziedFeline said...

Way to go, Michelle!!!

Trixie, I took the pass because the disappointment I had on Monday at WW put me into such a blue funk, I didn't want another funky day today in case the news wasn't good. Good for you being down! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks Trixie, Thanks Frenzied. I appreciate it! I am trying really hard, so it is nice to see some results.

CrystalDiggory said...

Congrats everyone you're doing great! I woke up Wednesday, totally forgot it was weigh day and ate a big breakfast. Well, no way was I going to weigh after that. So...this morning I jumped out of bed to weigh and the battery in my scales has played out. It just wasn't meant for me to weigh this week....I'll be ready next week!

FrenziedFeline said...

LOL, Crystal! It really must have been Kismet! :)

jeannie diane said...

I wish the battries were down in
my scales. But no such luck. I
was up my I am back to
ground zero..well Michelle girl
you are kicking butt..But mine
isn't getting any smaller. I guess
you need to kick a little harder.
I need a serious jump start.