Saturday, June 03, 2006


The Weight Loss Word of the Day is ATTITUDE! Whether or not we lose weight depends on this more than anything else. Do we look at exercise as something we get to do or as something we have to do? Do we look at cutting back on portion size as healthy and slimming or do we look at it as a hardship and annoying? Do we look at changing our menus as an adventure into new tastes or as a disruption to our routine?

It's not easy to be positive about losing weight. It seems to be about cutting back on the things we love and fighting a constant battle every day of our lives. I know I struggle with this as dieting really depresses me at times. Why shouldn't be able to eat what I want when I want? And I can do that ... if I'm willing to live with the consequences of that: poor health, shorter life, less energy, etc. Hey, I'm not willing to give up my life for food. I really will learn to eat to live and not live to eat. It's all comes down to my attitude.

So I'm going to stop whining about not getting to eat what I want and having to exercise. Instead, I will approach it that I get to eat healthy and get to exercise. And I'm positive that, by keeping the right attitude, we're all going to be healthy and slim.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's just what I need--an attitude adjustment. :)