Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Heeeeeeere's WWIN!

Okay, ya'll, how'd you do?

I'm not thrilled with my results, but at least it's still in the right direction. I'm down .3, for a total of 5.8.

I'm glad the weather has warmed up because it makes it more enjoyable to eat more fruits and veggies. True, it's also easier to succumb to ice cream, but I keep a supply of the WW Fudge Bars on hand. (When they're on sale, I stock up.) WW's Toffee Bars and Cookies-and-Cream Bars are also good, but I can make the Fudge Bar last longer by sucking on it, and they're only 1 point each! The other bars are 2 points each and I pretty much gnaw right through them.

I bought a small watermelon last week, cut it into chunks, and kept it in the fridge ready to eat whenever. I'm going to have to do that more often. Prepping fruits and veggies ahead of the snack attack seems to really help. I'm more apt to choose something appropriate if it's ready to eat.

Did you try any new ways of doing things this week? How did it work for you?


Michelle said...

I am down 2.4 which leaves me at 41.8 I think...

Congrats Frenzied!

My new thing this week has been more fruit. Aside, from the daily banana. And, more veggies too. But I notice when I change up my eating routine (because I am a creature of habit and when I like something I stick with it) I see a difference in the amount of weight I lose that week. I'll use more points in the AM versus saving up a for big dinner, or use more for lunch etc.. This last week, I have been spreading it around more. Smaller meals, but several times a day. I am not sure I can do that all the time though, cause I feel like I am eating all day long, which isn't a bad thing necessarily just kind of time consuming.

Anyway, asked. :)

TECH said...

You two are doing great! I skipped my weigh-in this week. I just forgot. I'll catch up next time when maybe I'll have a two or three pound drop. That would be nice.

More veggies and water seem to be what I need most to add to my diet. Gotta to work on that.

jaime said...

Sorry I'm late!

I'm down another 2, for a total of 3.5!