Monday, June 19, 2006

Shop wisely!

The Weight Loss Phrase of the Day is SHOP WISELY! A friend of mine has lost 20 pounds just by changing her shopping habits. Melinda found that if she didn't have fattening food in her house, she wouldn't make a special trip to go get some. So she simply stopped buying it. Instead, she focused on fruit and veggies, lean cuts of meats and low-fat alternatives to her favorite whole foods. If she bought canned fruit, she made sure it was in water and not syrup. If she bought yogurt, she purchased the low-fat yogurt. All her soft drinks became diet drinks. She switched from whole milk to calcium added 1 percent. All these changes added up.

It's taken her nearly six months to lose the weight, but she hasn't felt deprived. "It hasn't even felt like I'm on a diet," she said.

So SHOP WISELY and see if gives your diet the boost it needs!


Michelle said...

I do the same. Shop wisely that is... If I don't shop at all, then I eat out and make bad choices. If I spend all my grocery budget on actual groceries, I do much better.

*sigh* I didn't grocery shop all last week. I have a feeling a few tears will be shed at my meeting this week. :P

Trixie said...

Tech, I so appreciate your daily words on weight loss. I do think about them through the week and they've stopped me from making some bad choices more than once.