Thursday, July 27, 2006


We missed the Wednesday Weigh In! ACK! ACK! ACK!

Okay, we'll just have a Thursday-Friday-pretending-to-be-Wednesday-Weigh-In. Or TFPTBWWIN for short.

For my TFPTBWWIN, I lost .8 pounds. Yeah, point eight. And I'm happy to see the point eight, especially considering I've had all the discipline of a French king these past few days.

How did your TFPTBWWIN do? Report!


FrenziedFeline said...

Hey, point 8 is most of the way to a pound! I say round up! :)

Way to go!

Michelle said...

Congrats Tech!

I didn't weigh again this week. I am for sure going to next week though. I have had some issues with the weight loss thing...but I am getting some focus back so I can move forward.