Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Ok. I am not as excited about posting this WWin'sday, but here I am.

And as my excitment is lackluster to say the least. It won't be much of a post at all.

I lost .2 this week. Which does make me an even 48 lbs down. Yeah I know, it's good and all, but I think I am losing a little patience in the getting done part. I don't plan on stopping once I reach 50. I have more to go after that, so I hope I can still be a part of this group. I really do look forward to it each week.

Alright then, how about you?


jaime said...

I am holding steady, which is great since I was off the diet for effectively 2 weeks. And an example of how I ate when I was gone is the bologna and cheese sandwich and half a piece of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory I had for breakfast last Saturday.

Back to business this week! I have a body sculpting class starting on Monday. I have no idea what to expect.

Trixie said...

I am holding at a 3-lb. total weight loss. Nowhere near as successful as your 48! But now I have a couple of new motivations, including the wedding of a couple of my friends coming up in a few months (October or January, she's thinking, so that gives me a good amount of time, either way.) There's something else on the horizon too, but I can't say anything about that now. Maybe it's sufficient to get me off my you-know.

Anonymous said...

I knew I would, and I did, but not too much! :)

Even with all the wonderful cooking of my sisters-in-law, I gained just .6! Puts me back at an even 6. It would have been nice to have a loss and have been eating all the time, but I'll take it! :)

TECH said...

I forgot to weigh this morning ... No, really, I did. I was late for work and my kitchen was on fire and my neighbor was having twins in my flowerbed and the President called for advice ... so I put out the fire in the kitchen, delivered the babies, and told the President to clean up the enviroment, support alternative fuel vehicles and lower taxes. Then I drove to work.

No, really.

TECH said...

I was late for work.

TECH said...

Woohoo everyone! We're all either maintaining or losing! We're awesome.

And of course Michelle will stay part of the group after she achieves her fantastic goal! She doesn't get to leave us that easy. In fact, we're all attached now. Like a cult. But not one of those creepy cults. One of those nice ones.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think Michelle is leaving us all in the dust! :)

Congrats to us all!

Michelle said...

No I am not. You all are going to be right there with me. You are now, actually (sharing the same desire and all that) and I am thankful. :)

I have to confess, however, that chocolate cream pie got the best of me yesterday. Instead of feeling guilt...I just want more! :P

Congrats to everyone for maintaining (even after the temptations of cheesecake and vacations (.6 will be off before you know it Frenzied)) and losing.

Michelle said...

Is there a name for a "nice" cult? I was going to suggest one of the political parties..but none seemed to match the description of "nice".


jeannie diane said...

Hi, sorry it has been so long.
I am not doing all that great.
Well to tell the truth I am doing
pretty down right rotten.

I had maintained my weight loss
from my surgery almost 2 yrs ago.
Until I started this madness.

Now I am up about 10 lbs. Some
one help me. Jamie, girl you are
kicking is wasting right
off. Glad to read from all of you.

Oh, tech that was my excuse for
not weighing this morning. You
just got it down before me. Didn't
George look a little worn. I don't
think he is sleeping well.

That's enough bull for me.