Wednesday, September 06, 2006

WWins-Day #683..or so it seems...

Ok...I am excited to hear everyones progress. Especially Trixie 'cause she has been kicking some serious weight loss booty. :)

I had to weigh in early (Saturday) for my WW meeting because of the Monday Holiday. I came in at 3lbs down, but...I weighed in the AM when I usually weigh in, in the PM. (I have about a 2-3 lb difference from morning till night). I am still happy to see the number, however, and I hope it keeps with my weigh in next week.

I still feel like I have been doing this forever. But the other day, one of my clients said he almost didn't recognize me when he walked in the door. It certainly has a way of keeping you moving forward!

How'd you do?


FrenziedFeline said...

I totally spaced it and forgot to weigh in. Perhaps tomorrow. If it's bad news, I'll skip til next week. ;)

Trixie said...

I weighed this morning and then had to leave town for the day on a work assignment -- so here I am, very late at night, reporting that I stayed the same this week. I am counting this as a victory because I can identify a few places where I got off track this week: a date who brought Chinese food, then lunch out after church (tortilla soup.) Delicious diversions, and I'll take those now and then as a matter of living a more joyful life.

Now, the challenge is to get back on track. I also got off a bit today because of being out of town and not having enough time to make wiser choices. I didn't do BAD, but I could have done better. But that is OK and I won't beat myself up about it!

After all, I am a woman with a PLAN!

Michelle said...

Staying the same is good! Congrats Trixie :)

Look forward to hearing how your doing Frenzied...

FrenziedFeline said...

Ummmmm, forgot again.

Where's Tech, by the by?

jeannie diane said...

Ok guys, tell my were all of you
are. I don't have to go back all
the way to the last time I looked.
No I am not dead, but I was up 20
lbs. Every time I try seems like
and start a weight program. It
jinks me.
But I am back on track I hope.
I weighed this morning I am down
2.4 lbs. I stared back on Monday.
I have missed you all so much.
Every one please tell me how
you are doing.

Michelle said...

Tech is busy writing and stuff...although he did mention slim fast on his blog...

Congrats Jeannie Diane!

I am at a total, so far, of 56lbs. Woot! But I have 34 to go...for my goal. And maybe more after that. Huh...I have never that size soI am not sure how I will look :P

Trixie said...

Michelle is our star! Frenzied is doing better than she lets on. I've finally gotten in the groove so I'm at 9 pounds off now. It took me a long time to get my head straight enough to get started good. I'm hoping that the momentum will keep me going now.

I'm so glad to see you back, Jeanne Diane. I keep waiting for you to post something new on your blog. Hint, hint, hint.

FrenziedFeline said...

Way to go everyone!!

I really did forget. :)

jeannie diane said...

Michelle you are the women. I have
never been to the size the charts
say I should be.

Trixie, I will try and get some
thing on my blog, I do have a
few things in my head to put down.
I am glad you are refocused. I am
hoping I am too. The fall just does that to me. The fall lights
a fire under me. It has always been
that way.

Frenzie, glad to hear from you too.
I do understand forgetting to
weigh. Hope all is well with you.

Tech, hope all is well with you.
I see you are working on something
right now.