Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How YOU doin'?

After a couple of weeks off my regular schedule, I'm up just a fraction. My scale isn't sophisticated enough to do anything but whole pound -- it looks like I am at 11 pounds off. I think it's about a pound more than I was the last time I checked in.

I tell you what, all these recalls of green leafy veggies is throwing me for a loop. At least it looks like I can have my spinach again.

The weather has turned cooler here in Oklahoma, although it is not yet cold. That means the temptation for denser food is here for me. So is the hibernation stage. I want to make stew today -- it's the perfect day for it. But I'll have to look carefully at my recipes and rebalance them so the concentration is on the good veggies and low in the things I should not have. I'll also have to divide the pot into correctly sized serving portions. Ah, there's the rub! I want the whole pot, not just one bowl!

This is where the freezer becomes my friend. Right after I eat my serving, I will ladle out portions into freezer containers, mark them with the date and put most of them into the freezer to reheat later. I'll keep out one or two for the next couple of days just so I can enjoy it a bit longer.

How are you doing?


Anonymous said...

I'm down 1.3 for a total of 8.2.

Hey, Trixie, that's doing well, even if it is up. :)

Where the heck is everybody else??

Michelle said...

I'm here...I just didnt' weigh in this week cause I had some other stuff going on. It's just as well however, cause I've been real bad.


Congrats Frenzied!

TECH said...

Sorry. I haven't weighed myself in a couple of weeks. Just haven't thought of it with everything else that's going on.

Good job, Trixie and FF!

Mama Rose said...

Ok. Blogger tech support is a bit slow, but they did help me and I can now post on my blogs again. YAY!

I'm down a total of 31 pounds as of Sunday afternoon. :)

Nice job, you guys. :)


Michelle said...