Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Our Archives made November WOOT!

I was hoping there would be a post this week. I need some accountability seeing how yesterday turned out to be "Carb Day" for me. Yeah. Two Donuts, a cookie and a muffin were the things that made my meals yesterday. Pretty sad huh? Oh and a spicy chicken sandwich (no mayo) from Wendy's. Such a healthy day.

I am a mess with my eating lately. As such, I am up 3.8lbs. I need help. Or at least a path to find that place in my brain that got me to the destination of success I saw earlier this year. Orange Cranberry muffins and double chocolate chip cookies have invaded the empty space in my head that was once filled with goal oriented goodness.


Anyone out there?


TECH said...

Weight Watchers has two muffins that are pretty good. A chocolate one and a blueberry one. They also have a mixed berry muffin that I like. They might make a good substitution for the delicious orange cranberry ones ... although I wouldn't think muffins are all that bad, depending on whether they're frosted or not and their fat content.

I also blew my diet yesterday and today. Yesterday at lunch when I had a hamburger, tator tots and a huge soft drink, and then at the cast party last night when I ate brisket, cornbread salad, fruit salad, bean salad, cinnamon swirls, chocolate cake, etc. Listen, when I blow a diet, it knows it's been blown ... uh ... that sounded better in my head. Anyway, today at lunch I had Mexican food. Sigh. Now for breakfast today I just had a Slimfast, but that hardly makes up for five billion calories I consumed at lunch.

Anyway, I also have lost my dieting way and am having to scramble to get myself on the right path again. The truth is that dieting is difficult and eating is so very easy. We live in a land of abundance. So I'm right that with you, Michelle, trying to find my way. We will do it. And then we will be really thin and walk around showing off our bodies and making everyone else jealous.

Anonymous said...

I'm here, but didn't weigh in this morning. As soon as I turned the radio on I heard about a big accident backing up the freeway, so I had to get out the door in hyper-drive so I could get DS and friends to school on time.

It was a lost cause by the time I got back.

What do you think might help? Daily check ins, maybe? :)

Michelle said...

The WW muffins are good when I can find them. There are only certain stores in this town that carry them. They just happen to be ones I don't frequent. But once ina while I'll make a special trip. Muffins aren't actually so good. The ones they have at Costco are like 23 pts a piece or some ridiculous thing. If all I wanted to eat that day was one of those, then I guess it's ok lol.

We have had a special promo thing going at work with all sorts of goodies available for clients. Making my way past that table hasn't been so easy.

Anyway, I can really blow it myself sometimes. I try to start over the next day...but somehow get sidetracked yet again. I need that determination I had before to finish this up.

I am NOT going to gain all this weight back! Nope...not gonna do it.

Daily check might be good for me. Some accountability for what I eat. Having to actually confess that cookie...muffin or whatever. :P

Trixie said...

I didn't weigh this week so I can't tell you the damage I have done. I know I do so much better when I am programmed correctly. I went great guns when I had a notebook of daily menus set up -- but more importantly when that notebook was OPENED and in PLAIN SIGHT! I could prepare easily -- it took away all the temptations of making choices on the fly. I knew I would have oatmeal, a slice of whole-grain toast, juice and milk for breakfast. It was automatic. And I felt good.

Now we've entered that dreaded time of the year -- the after-Halloween, going into Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's "Swallow Fest."

Shall we plan our defenses? Draw up a battle plan?

It's still in the 90s here so there is no excuse for not taking a walk every day, right?