Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We have a little time, folks

We're here in that space between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is an opportunity to get a jump on those holiday dinners and parties that can sabotage us in our valliant efforts to lose weight. Take advantage of the lull and plan ahead for the special events. Get in a little extra exercise while you can, even if it's mall walking. Extra points for avoiding the cash registers! Make sure you continue to drink enough water every day -- this winter dryness can really dehydrate us. And we know that we often mistake thirst for hunger and wind up eating more when what we need is a drink of good ol' H2O!

I'm glad to report I am still 8 pounds down from my starting weight. I know that's nowhere near the 50 I "should have" lost by now, but it's still better than staying the same or gaining.

I want to ask you guys something. Sometimes when I lose weight, I start feeling heavier. Like now. I really expected to see that I had gained everything back because I feel like gravity has increased. Does this ever happen to you? If this continues, I can project that at my goal weight I'll be permanently prone on the floor!

Make this a good week. Let's give ourselves a chance at some progress during the lull if we can, OK?


Michelle said...

I am happy to say I am still maintaining. I haven't lost anything, even with trying my best the past couple of weeks. Considering those pesky "female" things I am contending with, it's awesome! :P I am expecting a drop next week. Well, so long as I continue staying on track.

I will! I will!

I was feeling heavier for a while there too Trixie. I wasn't losing anything more, but maintaining. I think I was just getting used to my new size. Acclimating, so to speak. But since I got back on track the past couple of weeks I am feeling "lighter" even without losing pounds.

Congrats to you for keeping it off!

Michelle said...

Oh and I love! that new quote...


TECH said...

I've lost 1 more stinkin' pound. If my dang back would let up on me, I could exercise and lose more. I want to lose more. I want to be thin so bad that it makes my back teeth ache.

Yes, Trixie, gravity is heavier these days. I suspect it has something to do with global warming.

Thanks, Michelle, about the quote. I thought it was funny. Hey, you sent me a bunch of great funny weight loss quotes, but I lost them when my computer died. Could you mail them to me again? Oh, and I'm drinking green tea. It's not bad now that I'm used to it. I thought you'd like to know.

Michelle said...

ONE stinkin pound is pretty dang SWEET if you ask me. Congrats Tech!

I will send those quotes to you tonight. I will! I will! I am even sending myself an email to remind me to send them. It's sad that it has come to this... self reminding of things that is...

Mmmm Green Tea is yummy ;) I am glad you's sooo good for you.