Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Fine, fine, fine. I'll be first. Wish I had great news, though.

I'm 5.7 above my starting weight. Grrr.

How'd you do?


Michelle said...

Well, as the cartoon says...

I am back to where I was when I said I didn't want to get back to here.

Or, I am starting from where I was in January.

Basically I gained the 3 piunds I lost and then some and this last week and a half have been watching my p's (pasta) and q's (which makes me think of the word "cues" and it should be the letter C, in p's and q's, which stands for chocolate) and am basically back to where I was. If any of that makes sense...congratulate me for getting to where I didn't want to be after the holidays.

TECH said...

I gained 1.2 pounds. Sigh. I wish food didn't taste so good!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least none of us are rowing this boat alone.

Let's do better next week, k? :)

Mama Rose said...

Hang in there, everyone. Have a better week this week.