Sunday, October 14, 2007

Drink That Water, Eat That Fiber

Both are critical to keeping the old body working, reducing weight and reducing cholesterol levels. They help you do it COMFORTABLY if you get my drift. Just sayin'. Cheers.


jeannie diane said...

I am not sure what is going on. But I have lost 5 lbs. I think it has to do with my job. I have been moved out into the garden center. Which is great. I sweep, sweat and move my whole shift.

I have also cut way back on sugar and real cokes.

I also have cut back on some of the meds that were not helping me.

It was crazy. Last yr when we started this. I wanted to loose 20 lbs. That would put me at a comfortable weight for me.

About the same time I started 3 new meds. When after a few months and I was gaining. I went to the pharmacy. Set me drugs on the counter. "Which one of these is makeing me eat all the time and gain weight?" I asked.

I was very sad when he said all of them. Then as the year went on. Not only did i not loose my 20 lbs. I gained another 25. :-(

But I am down to just 2 meds. New job moving around. Not sitting at a desk. There is light at the end of the tunnel. :-)

Good luck to us all

Seeker said...

I read an article in a non-medical magazine (so take it with a grain of salt) that you can lose weight if you eat more than the recommended 25-30 gm of fiber. The magic numbers are supposed to be 35-40 gm. I've been trying to do that and so far have lost 3 pounds since Friday. I'm not saying it's the miracle diet, but it might be something to incorporate into whatever plan you're using now. Foods high in fiber (fruits and vegetables) are also lower in calories than fast food and processed food, so that may be what's actually helping, too, I'm not sure.

But if you increase your fiber by that much, remember to drink LOTS of water, too.