Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jean's Update

I hesitate to credit this, because my weight can easily fluctuate by this amount in a single day, but I hope by saying it, I'll draw encouragement and make real progress over the next couple of weeks. This morning, my weight was four pounds less than it was on the first of October.

Other than last night when I wasn't feeling well and didn't to any and tonight when I only did one, I've been doing two FitDeck cards per day for the last week and half. It's been easy, and it feels good to do (how many push-up cards are in that darn deck, anyway?).

I've done a good job of journaling what I eat each day -- including adding comments about what was going on when I think I've done some emotional eating to document and maybe validate patterns. By validating patterns, I can devise specific alternatives.

I'm fortunate to have a physician's assistant for an office mate, and he leads a very healthy lifestyle (his job here, until this reorganization, had been wellness). By paying attention to him, I've been getting some great ideas. For instance, his lunch today was yogurt and a banana. Is that a quick and easy lunch, or what?

How are your Baby Steps coming along?


FrenziedFeline said...

Woohoo, Jean! :)

Mama Rose said...

Nice going, Jean. :)

TECH said...

Good job, Jean!

Trixie said...

Excellent work, Jean!!! Way to go! I'm proud of you for thinking in patterns and journaling enough to recognize the patterns in your eating.

I'm laying down my patterns. I'm very lucky to have a cafe close enough to my office that serves healthy foods. And there is a varied selection -- either soup, sandwiches or salads, and in combinations of two or three of those choices. I've streamlined my lunches by frequenting this place most of the time and rotating through, depending on the choices of the day. My favorite combo is the soup and salad, since both are already prepared, because I don't have to spend any time waiting for it to be served like I would with the sandwiches.

I'm also able to get in a good 30-minute walk downtown most days, which is very pleasant for me. Oh sure, I'll probably need to change my route at some point to avoid boredom, but I go by the prettiest buildings in my downtown area and past pretty planters. There's something new to see every day, and it is so refreshing for my spirit to get away from the office for just a bit.

It looks like we're both doing pretty well with streamlining the food choices and finding ways to increase the activity level! Keep it up!

Jean said...

Good choices, Trixie. I love walking during the gorgeous weather we've been having lately. Hershey, of course, LOVES to go for a walk. I need to let him drag me out more. I'm also trying to increase my time for walking. I miss running, but with my knees and weight, I need to do alternatives. And I've always loved walking.

Thank you, everyone.