Tuesday, January 01, 2008

So, who's with me tomorrow?? :)


Jean said...

How's it work?

Anonymous said...

That depends on if anyone else wants to start tomorrow. As far as I'm concerned, those in it get to make the rules. I personally just want to have a place to report progress and get support. I've not worried about it for the last two weeks so I couldn't get depressed over missing out on my favorite things. Now it's time to get back to trying to get healthy.

If no one else jumps in, you and I can decide how we want it to work. :)

TECH said...

I'm in. If it's not too late.

Anonymous said...

It's not tomorrow yet, so it's not too late.

How would you two like to do it?

Jean said...

I figure I'll do a New Year baseline post and then update from there on subsequent weeks.

I guess if we have areas we'd like support from other people in, that would be a good place to post it.

Maybe instead of just reporting a plus or minus value, a summary of what worked well for us and what we'd like to work on next would help people offer suggestions or encouragement. I think it would help us to remember even focusing on one thing may be helpful enough. It takes several weeks to effect a change in habit, so a series of baby steps (this month I'm going to...) When we feel comfortable that that habit has been incorporated, we move on to adding one more habit change.

OK. That's my plan for Wednesday reporting. What would you like to do? I don't think we all have to report exactly the same thing -- it should be something we believe will benefit us. What will help you the most to achieve your goals?

Anonymous said...

I love your ideas Jean! I think we should each decide what we want to report and when to report it. The new habit thing is great.

For me personally, I'd like to report plus or minus progress two days a week. Once a week just wasn't cutting it for me before. So, I'm going to report on Tuesdays and Fridays. Fridays will tell me how I need to handle the weekend, and Tuesday will tell me how well I handled the weekend. I do fair during the week, but the weekends, when the boys are home, are killers for me.

I'd like to have our goals listed in the sidebar where we see it for ourselves, and others will be able to give specific support. The goals can be anything we each want them to be.

Tech, if that seems like too much for you to keep track of, let me know I'll do it. You're pretty busy with work and MBTA, etc. :)

Michelle said...

I'm in but not until January 16th. I'm going back to WW and that's when I can budget it.

TECH said...

FF, feel free to handle the goal part. I don't think I have the time to keep track of it at present.