Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fingers Crossed

I think I can so do Weight Watchers. Today was my first day. I didn't get breakfast in and ended up with 10 points left over. And that is even after eating a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich for dessert. Yum! (They are only 3 points!)

Tomorrow, I am going to do better and eat breakfast. I bought some oatmeal packets to take with me to work, so I won't have the excuse of time. I, also, went to the store and replaced my usual stuff with whole wheat products and fat free, low sodium versions. I bought lots of fruit and veggies to munch on, since they are so low in points, and then I took Frenzied's advice and went through my cupboard. I marked the things that I eat with the points value right on the box. Sad to say...that Oreo cookies have 4 points for one serving. One serving...is 3 cookies. *sigh*

I am finding that I can eat way more food than I usually did. It is just healthier food and spread out through the day instead of all in one sitting when I felt I had "time".

Tonight, I made a WW recipe. Beef Stroganoff. It wasn't bad. I am making a recipe book for myself, of recipes I find online that are both WW and kid friendly. My next one to try is the oven baked chicken. It sounds yummy...


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! You CAN do it, I know you can! :)

Breakfast really does make a difference. With breakfast, I'm not ready to eat my desk by lunchtime, so it keeps my lunch in check.

Those veggies and fruit will help, too. I was prowling through the kitchen the other day just wanting something crunchy. Baby carrots did me just fine.

It's just not fair that Oreos are over one point per cookie, is it? (And that's for the reduced fat version!)

Cyber High-Fives! :)

TECH said...

Good job! You're on your way.

I confess to not cooking. If it wasn't for Weight Watchers Smart Ones dinners and desserts, I'd be sunk.

Michelle said...

Woohoo! Thanks Frenzied, and yes...I will eat breakfast tomorrow.

I looked for those meals in the store. I am going to have to try another chain here in town because I couldn't find one single thing Weight Watchers at my usual grocery.

TECH said...

Wal-Mart carries Smart One dinners and desserts here. Not a huge selection, but enough to keep me from being bored.

jaime said...

When I was on WW, I used to eat SlimFast or ZonePerfect meal bars for breakfast. They were generally 4 points a bar, and convenient when I wasn't making time to cook breakfast.

Anonymous said...

My store puts them in a different section from the other frozen dinners. Same with the Skinny Cows and WW fudge bars. (LOVE those fudge bars!)

Mama Rose said...

Be sure you eat the minimum number of points every day. If you miss once in a while, you'll be OK, but if you don't make sure to eat the minimum, your body will do the "I'm starving" mode and you'll stop losing weight.