Tuesday, January 03, 2006


      This blog is Crystal's great idea. Take a bow, Crystal!
       I thought I'd share how I prepared for The Great Slim Down 2006. Last night I went out and bought several Weight Watchers Smart Ones dinners as well as some of their desserts. I also bought salad fixings and other no-point veggies.
      Finally I purchased a new digital scale. This happened to be a Weight Watchers scale. I noticed in my local Wal-Mart flyer that it was on sale for $28. My old scale was a good 15 years old and wasn't very accurate. Now I'm ready to go.


Trixie said...

Um.... let's see. I didn't leave the house today so I'm working on getting rid of what's here. Then I can restock with good healthy stuff like you!

CrystalDiggory said...

What's the difference between a weigh watcher's scale and any other scale?