Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My best tip

      I think the best weight loss tip I know is this: You haven't failed at losing weight unless you stop trying. In the past, I been on several diets. I start out strong, then falter and give up. I'd win a lot of battles, but lose the war. My aim this time around has been to win the war. So I slipped and ate some butter pecan ice cream, big deal. It's not a diet breaker. Nor is a huge meal at a family gathering. None of that will doom my diet unless I give up. Each day we get up to face a new day. It's another opportunity to win a new battle. Doesn't matter if I failed yesterday. What matters is the motion forward. I think this idea has been the most help in my dieting as well as in my life.
      What are your best tips?


CrystalDiggory said... best tip? I've found that I tend to lose weight faster if I quit eating 3 hours before I go to bed. The trick is figuring out when I'm going to go to bed. When I'm working, I know exactly when I'm going to go to bed, because I fall into it when I get home. On my days off, it's a little more tricky because I can't force myself to bed at 10 pm, if I got up at 2 pm after working the night before, but sometimes I do, depending on how tired I am and how quickly I can flip back to a normal, day schedule.

But, when I am able to figure it out, I find I'm hungrier when I wake up and it's easier for me to eat breakfast.

jaime said...

I think my best tip is: exercise. Of course, I find that harder than dieting.