Monday, January 09, 2006

Stress Eating

I eat when I'm stressed. Actually, I also eat when I'm celebrating, depressed, trying to stay awake on the night shift at work, watching TV, reading a book, and sometimes when I'm hungry. But let's focus on one thing at a time.

In the next eight days, I have to pack up my apartment, finish working two more shifts at the hospital, keep up with my son's homeschooling and plan lessons for when we're on the road to Calif. next week (that should be a challenge), clean the apartment, take my dog to the vet, plan the route to CA and make reservations at pet friendly hotels along the way, have my Jeep checked out and, oh, yeah, eat healthy as I'm trying to clean out the fridge and I should probably also exercise a little.


Does anyone have any tips on what to do to avoid stress eating? I also need some good ideas on how to eat when you're on the road. I know you can get salad at McDonald's but I don't care much for their salads. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


TECH said...

I don't know if you'll have room in your car, but I suggest taking a cooler and filling it with carrot sticks, other veggies and Slim-Fast shakes, fruit drinks and snacks. Also, make time to eat at regular intervals. That way you'll be less inclined to go whole hog when you stop for a meal.

FrenziedFeline said...

My suggestions--no guarantees. ;)

Eating on the road is a toughie. Tech's suggestion is an excellent one if you have room for a cooler. Breakfast and lunch is fairly easy to pack in a cooler, then just plan on going out for dinners when you can't stand being in the car for another minute!

- Delegate what you can. Give the route planning to your son as a homework project, but don't tell him I suggested it!
- Try drinking something, you might just be thirsty instead of hungry.
- Take breaks now and then so you don't feel overworked.
- Make a list of tasks, etc, so you can get it out of your head and let your mind relax.
- Do the most important things first so you can let lesser things slide, if needed. For instance, cleaning out the fridge. Would it be so bad to just toss stuff because you ran out of time to deal with it?
- Probably the packing and other "activities" count as exercise. Unless it's such an enjoyable activity for you that you can't bear to miss it, count the extra physical labor you're doing and go with it. :)

CrystalDiggory said...

Wow, great suggestions, guys. Thank you very much. I know I'll be able to use a lot of them. I especially like the idea of delegating! :)