Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not on the zero

Happy Scale Day, everyone. It's another cool, gray day here in Central Oklahoma. I mention that because I think the clouds have changed the gravity field around my scale. I'm no longer stuck on that "zero"-ending number I mentioned last week -- but only because I am up two pounds this week. Only four pounds total off since we started this. I thought I was doing very well this week, eating more vegetables and fish and drinking more water. I know these are the "right" things to do. I really have been trying to summon all that I've learned about weight loss in the past 30 years.

But you know what? I am thinking that if I really "know" so much about proper weight loss, I might not be at the weight I am now, struggling to hold on to a four-pound weight loss over (how many?) weeks.

I'm struggling here. The things that have worked for me over the decades no longer seem to work. My refrigerator overflows with healthy food and I've made wise choices, for the most part.

True, I am lacking when it comes to physical activity, and I know that is a huge component. So I know what I have to do this week. Continue the healthy eating patterns, but step away from the computer and the television and MOVE this old body of mine.

If nothing else, I'll shock it into getting past that zero!


FrenziedFeline said...

Not EVEN going to look this week. I was still under the weather and didn't go to WW on Monday, and I have no desire to even look here at home. Last week was horrible sitting in a courtroom all week. I guess I could have taken my own "proper" lunches, but I really wanted to get out of that building when lunchtime hit!

So I'm assuming I'd have nothing good to report even if I made nice with the scale. ;)

Michelle said...

I'm sorry Trixie. Stick with it, it will pay off.

I thought I knew how to lose weight and diet. But going to WW has made me realize, I didn't have a clue. It really is a different way of living versus a diet. I dont' feel like I am on one, or that I am depriving myself, I just changed what I ate...and eat.

I lost 4.4lbs this week. Which gets me to 30.4lbs and my goal before we left on our trip.

I won't be posting next week, but I wish everyone the best!

Gina said...

Hi Trixie,

Thank you for sharing and for being so very open. I have been relearning my body this weight loss go round. However, I am determined to make this my last weigh loss trek. I found you and your readers comments so very supportive. I hope you don't mind that I'm writing you.

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this up then he may just have to take us to Hawaii!!

Again, thank you for sharing and for such good information!! I'll be back to visit your site.

May your day be filled richly with blessings and joy!


TECH said...

Woohoo Michelle! Awesome!

Trixie & FF, we can do it! I know we can. I've not been doing WW the way I should, and that baffles me. I know it works. I've lost weight on it. Why am I not following it as I should?