Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Monsieur Tech

Well, I’m up a pound this week. A whole pound. Basically I’ve added a package of ground beef to my butt. This makes me crazy, but I know why. I’m not being a good dieter.

Let’s be honest. When it comes to diets, I have all the restraint of a French king building a palace. I find this curious. After all, I’m a fairly driven person -- I drive a lot of people nuts -- no, no, no, I meant that I’m very focused and determined. So why is a diet such a problem?

I’ve been wrestling with this for the past couple of weeks as I tried to determine why I can’t lose the weight and keep it off. I’m not going to blame Weight Watchers. Or any diet. I know they work. I’ve lost weight on WW, Slim-Fast, etc. But keeping it off and continuing on any diet is the problem.

It comes down to this, I think: The payoff for losing the weight doesn’t seem as satisfying as eating the foods I enjoy and eating as much of them as I want. I hesitate to consider what that says about my personality, but I suspect it isn’t good.

What is the diet payoff? Let’s list them.

1. Better health. This is a biggie. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I need to lose 100 pounds. I’d feel better, get around better, help my back, knees and legs, not to mention help avoid diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
2. Easier to find clothes that fit. This is a problem. Clothes for large people aren’t available in as many colors and styles as clothes for slim people. (Some people claim this is because the clothing companies have to compete with tent companies for larger fabric. Some people need to be slapped.) This is slowly changing as America fats up, but I’d like to wear white once without someone attempting to show a movie on me.
3. Increase dating potential. We live in superficial world. That’s how it is. A lot of women would prefer not being seen with Shamu. Of course, then I have to wonder if I want to date those kind of women.

So ... having listed those ... and I’m sure there are others ... if knowing all those things, why am I not more motivated to lose weight? I’ll be looking deeper into this over the next few weeks, but what keeps you from dieting? What has allowed you to diet successfully? What’s your motivation?

Until next time, just refer to me as Monseiur Tech


jaime said...

I don't have to worry about #3 anymore, but I'm right there with you with #1 and #2. I hate clothes shopping.

FYI, I'm still around, I'm just not "checking in" until I actually have something good to report. Good thing is, I'm back on track, it's just not reflecting in my weight yet. Stupid fluid retaining sore muscles.

FrenziedFeline said...

Well, at least I'm in good company! Jury duty, being sick, and having company have taken their toll on my derriere.

I'm up 3.4 lbs! Ack!!

Brings my total loss to an even 5 lbs. *sigh*

I'd have to say that probably the biggest effect has been a lack of planning on my part. I just didn't feel like doing that much thinking when I was sitting in a box for a week, nor when I was attempting to cough up a lung. The company was simply a stressor--so I threw common sense out with the dust from the feather duster.

My motivation hinges a lot on #1 and #2. I don't have to deal with #3, per se, but what it takes to catch 'em it takes to keep 'em! ;)

TECH said...

If everyone will give their totals again, I will post them!

Trixie said...

I'm holding the same (OK, I forgot to read the calendar and didn't post on Wednesday, although I did weigh.

Y'know, I am getting really, really depressed about this. It's seriously one of the things I hate about dieting. Even when I make good choices, I see no results and my mood spirals downward. Maybe it's an age thing. I don't know what accounts for my slow weight loss, honestly.

I saw Oprah this week with Dr. Oz. He gave some great information on reading food labels and getting rid of the problem foods that are killing us. We know this stuff, but sometimes we need reminders.

Do not eat foods with these in the first five ingredients:

High fructose corn syrup
Enriched (white) flour
Saturated fats
Hydrogenated fats (trans fats)

Good foods:
Foods to eat every week:

•Tomatoes (especially tomato sauce 10 tablespoons tomato sauce each week)
•Olive oil (keep it refrigerated or in a dark bottle to keep it from going rancid)(cook the food, not the oil.)
•nuts (almonds) – not roasted. Raw so the oils aren’t damaged. Store in the refrigerator.
•Pomegranates can change the way your arteries age and affect cancer rates.

I have never eaten a pomegranate. I vaguely have an idea what they look like but I don't even know how to handle one. Pomegranate juice is neater, Dr. Oz said, and just as beneficial. Maybe I'll look for some.

I would love to look better and feel sexy-alive and healthier. Health is the huge consideration for me. There are too many horrible consequences to allowing this weight to continue being a problem. High blood pressure; high cholesterol; diabetes.

Here's a moment of unvarnished honesty. I believe that if I took better control of my life and set goals for myself to put some happiness in my life, I would be far more motivated to do the right things. But I feel like my life is spinning away from me. I have very little reason to take care of myself.

I'm discounting myself and squandering my precious life. And that, my friends, is the truth. I accept an unacceptable work situation (money-wise. I love the work but it does not sustain me.) I have no family or romantic interests at present. I have a good set of friends at my church, but few of the kind of friends who would kick my tail and tell me to get a grip.

And why? Because I am guilty of mismanaging my life. I put up with. I accept. It's "easier" than getting a backbone and making a plan and taking charge to make it happen. Oh yeah, it's easier. It's just not better.

FrenziedFeline said...

Trixie, consider yourself kicked--and GET A GRIP!!!

Seriously, you have so much to offer, and even though we've never met in real life, I can tell from way over here on the left coast.

*Sigh* I wish we could just do lunch every now and then. :)