Wednesday, May 10, 2006

WWINsday once more

So how did you do this week? I lost a half of pound. Sigh. I mean, it's a half a pound, but still it's hard to get too terribly excited about that. But I bet you did great, didn't you, Frenzied? How about you, Trixie? Michelle will probably wow us with her dropped pounds even though she just got back from vacation. And Jamie and Jeanne are hoarding their fantastic losses just so we won't be discouraged. Same for Crystal.

Or maybe not. Maybe we're all in a lull, a hard time where we're struggling for those lost ounces. If so, then we've just got to stay the course. We deserve to be thin. We deserve to be healthy. We deserve to have good lives and achieve our goals. We're good people.

For me, I have to keep aware that the biggest problem is me. Yup. I'm the one that I'm struggling with. It's a problem of discipline. It's how I'm going to learn if I'm living to eat or eating to live. It's how I learn where I control my appetite or it controls me. It's a fight to the finish, folks. Buckle on your weight loss armor and let's win the battle of the bulge. Let's also not take that metaphor any further.

Anyway, I'm back to toeing the Weight Watchers line again. No exceptions. No fudging. It isn't going to be easy, but I've done it before and will do it again. Whatever your weight loss plan is, I've got faith in you. Let's be thin together.


One thing: I thought it might be cool to have a collection of inspiring weight loss quotes here. Do you know any? Post 'em!


Another thing: Post your total loss and I will update the page with them this week.


One last thing: If you'd like to join The Great Slimdown, just send me an email, and I'll add you as a poster! The more, the merrier. My email address is: issac skye @ Naturally, remove the spaces in the email address. Have a great day!


jaime said...

I still have nothing to report. I'm on my third week of regular workouts, but the weight refuses to move! I keep hoping I'm going to lose 10 lbs overnight.

Michelle said...

No wowing here for me Tech. I am up 3lbs. T H R E E pounds. *sigh* (and that was an ugly sigh) It makes my total loss at 27.4

It's ok though. I know it will come back off if I stick with it and get back in the game. I am doing good so far this week.

I blame it on the Frozen Bananas. They were around every turn in Disney. Staring me in the face...calling my name, hurling water balloons should I turn my back. I may have walked 5-7 miles per day in the blazing hot sun (seriously) but do you know how much exercise you have to do to work off just one of those bananas? (I don't know the exact amount of calories, but considering they are wrapped in chocolate and dipped in nuts, it couldn't be pretty)

So yeah...

FrenziedFeline said...

Congrats, Tech! Half a pound down is still DOWN. And I love, love, LOVE the cartoon! :)

(By the way, I told you my total LAST week when you said you'd update. ;)

Jaime, good for you on the workouts! How are your clothes fitting? Any difference?

Michelle, I think ONLY three pounds when you were on vacation is great!

Um, I didn't weigh this morning. I also didn't go to WW on Monday, so I have no idea where I stand. I should look because it's usually motivating to me to keep tabs on it, but I just haven't. I'm struggling to not give up at the moment. I don't know why I feel this way, either. :\

Michelle said...

Congrats TECH! (sorry I didn't say so before. I think I was wallowing in self pity) Congrats to Jaime too.

Frenzied, you can't give up. You've come too far. I think we need to find soemthing to make you motivated again...

Trixie said...

I was back on the zero number this morning, so that is a total of 6 off. I wish I could report a miraculous turn-around in enthusiasm and attitude. Really I do. I feel like I am in such a slump. *sigh* (and not a good one.)