Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Yes, it's here...again.

Alrighty then...It's WWIN's Day!! Are you ready?

Are you there? I am still holding out that this page will return to it's excited motivated glory. But there seems to be a few hinderences.

Here is the run down, as I see it...

TECH = No Computer (remedy to soon follow. I hope)

Crystal = Galavanting around Northern California

Frenzied = intermittant internet service (remedy merely a day away!)

Jaime = Kicking her scale out the window somewhere in North Eastern US

Trixie = Hi Trixie! I know you're there... :)

Jeannie = Not feeling well (Lots of prayers needed)

Mama Rose = Help! We need some motivational speaking!

Ok then...and then there is me. I am still working on this. I am not giving up and I don't think any of you are either...

I lost a lot this last week, but some of that is attributed to the fact that I was sick Monday. Icky nasty kind of sick that leaves you dehydrated and 7 pounds lighter. I am expecting not to lose much this next week, maybe even a gain. But it sure as heck was nice to see that huge drop. :)

How'd you do?


Trixie said...

Doggone-- I forgot to weigh this morning. I'll weigh Thursday morning and report back.

Trixie said...

D'oh! I forgot again. Maybe I'll just wait until next Wednesday. This is becoming a bad habit! I may have to resort to desperate measures: 20 miles a day on a bike and weighing every day. I also read something on a friend's blog about the importance of sleep in maintaining a healthy weight, so I'll follow up with a nice long nap.

Michelle said...

there ya go...

I am kind of thinking that no one is going to show next week at all though. But good luck Trixie. :)

TECH said...

Humph. I'm here. Late, but I'm here. I didn't weigh. But I will next Wednesday. I'm sorry that I've let my weight loss drive meander. But no longer! I will take up the banner once more. Computer or not computer, I will lose weight! And Michelle will lose weight! And Trixie will lose weight! And Frenzied Feline will lose weight! And Jeanne will lose weight and regain her health! And Crystal will lose weight! And Jaime will lose weight! And if you do not, it won't be because I haven't nagged you! :)

FrenziedFeline said...

Ahem, I wasn't here because I couldn't get on until Wednesday afternoon, and then I wasn't home much after that.

I don't remember where I left off, but I do know my total is 6.1.

I don't wanna give up, just in a slump.