Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The Weight Loss Word for the Day is RELAX! Yeah, that's right. Relax. Kick your shoes off, get a large glass of your favorite diet cola or flavored water, find a lounge chair outside and sit down and watch the world go by. A lot of studies have shown that people who succeed in weight loss plan for downtime. That's right. Naps, an hour or so of peace during the day and other quiet activities help people lose weight! Now, why would that be? Researchers believe that such quiet times decrease stress, and since stress is an appetite trigger for many people, any reduction decreases their desire to eat.

So relax a little. Enjoy the sunny day in a shady backyard. Take a slow walk in the park. Your waist will be glad you did.

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TECH said...

I guess everyone relaxed and didn't comment! :)