Monday, June 05, 2006


The Weight Loss Word of the Day is SUBSTITUTE! You can make substantial advances in your weight loss plan by substituting healthy food for unhealthy food.

You love ice cream? There are hundreds of low-fat, low-sugar, no sugar ice creams and yogurts out there. Start trying them out.

Switch from whole milk to 1 or 2 percent. This is sometimes hard to adjust to. Do it slowly. Buy one gallon of whole milk and one of 1 percent. Mix the two milks in your glass, slowly increasing the amount of 1 percent. Eventually you'll adjust.

Instead of having cheese sticks as an appetizer, have a salad.

Choose diet soft drinks or flavored water over the regular sugar filled sodas.

Buy low-fat, low calorie treats, such as Smart Ones muffins or Healthy Choice brownies.

Crunch on some carrots dipped in no-fat ranch dressing instead of those potato chips.

By remembering to substitute instead of simply doing without, you won't feel cheated or hungry. Let's all substitute slim and happy for heavy and sad!


Michelle said...

I am finding much satisfaction is the substitutes I am using. Ther eisn't much difference and some, actually taste better. Go figure. Either they are lying about the contents or just getting much better at making it work.

Anyway, I tried to comment, before, on the participation post. Bloggar wasn't letting me and kept telling me that the page didn't exist. Sorry...

TECH said...

Truthfully, I think it might be the most important thing in dieting.