Wednesday, September 27, 2006

9-27-06 check-in

No clever titles today, just a check-in. I'm down a little bit more and I'm saying it's now 12 pounds off. Hooray! The caveat is that my scale seems to be acting wonky. I'm not getting consistent readings. But I am too poor and too cheap to invest in a new scale. Besides, a new scale would probably give me a totally different number and right now each of those little tick marks is too valuable to be worth taking that chance. Maybe later, when I get down closer to my goal and really want a more accurate scale. Maybe not.

Clothes are fitting better too. I've been getting into some jeans that had been set aside because I couldn't zip them. And some "fat pants" are going to be leaving my home shortly. (One pair will go up on the top shelf for "before and after" purposes, but I don't want to keep a "fat" wardrobe.)

The number I reached today is personally significant. It is the weight I was at in 1995 right before I had major surgery. I thought that would be the most I would ever weigh -- it was going to be my "omygoodness I can't believe I ever weighed that much" weight. Well, as you can tell, I went 12 pounds above that. The next big landmark will be in another 10 pounds, when I get back down to my marryin' weight of 1987. Again, that was supposed to be my highest weight ever.

I'm going to be as consistent as I possibly can be this week about staying on my DASH diet plan. This week was not as bad as last week, but there were still a few missed opportunities where I ate away from home and was not as thoughtful about food selections as I could have been. Today is the first morning of a new week and I have a clean slate at this point. I will put my notebook on the counter where I can keep it open and just follow the plan.

Off to breakfast now. I hope you are having a good week!


FrenziedFeline said...

:::sniff, sniff, whimper:::

I was doing so well until I got on the @#$% scale this morning!

Michelle, for the totals, I'm down a total of 6.7, but that's slightly up from last week. :(

I'm happy for you, though, Trixie! You'll be my inspiration today! :)

Michelle said...

She'll be mine too...

I am up .6 this week. I have no one to blame but myself. Dang BBQ anyway. :P

Your totals are still more than what was listed there Frenzied! Look at it that way.

Congrats Trixie!

I think I am going to list anyone that doesn't check in as MIA...

TECH said...

Well, it took some figuring on my part, but I finally found my original weight and so after all these months ... I'm down 13.5 pounds. Hey, it's a start, and I'm finally in the double digits. Just 110 pounds or so to go ... yikes, wish I hadn't typed that ...

Great job, Trixie!

FF, scales are mean! Don't let it bully you.

You'll do it, Michelle! Got faith in ya! You've already done so well. You're my hero!

Michelle said...

Congrats Tech!! That is awesome, and ya know...I had to lose 90 altogether.

jeannie diane said...

Hey guys,
I am still in go mode. I am down
now a total of 8.8. :)
You are all doing great. Tech, I
would be afraid to figure what
my weight would according to the
I am working on 50. I now have
41.2 to go. This will put me under
what I weighed in high school.

jeannie diane

Trixie said...

Good reports everyone!! Frenzied, you're doing just fine, no snivling allowed! One week makes little difference long-term.

I'm so proud of everyone! I'm so glad to see you all checking in again too! I was getting a little lonely for a while.

Michelle said...

Congrats Jeannie!