Monday, September 25, 2006

Peeks around the corner

Yes, I know I've been gone. Sorry. I'm going to get back into the spirit of this! I am!

Anyway, Michelle, I finally read your comment asking to update the totals. You've been added as an Admin so that you can do that. Trixie, you're doing great! FF, you're doing great. Michelle, you're doing great, too. Mama Rose (Linda) is doing great. Jeanne is doing great. Jamie is doing great. Crystal may be doing great, but she never drops by here to tell us that she is. And as for me, I'm not doing that great, but as my back heals -- see 51313 Harbor Street for details -- I will be doing better.

My plan is to have 15 pounds lost by Christmas. I'll be talking about how I'm going to do that over the next few days.

Yours in weight loss,



Michelle said...

Woohoo! You're back!

I will remember to update every week so long as I get the totals and there are actually updates from everyone.

I know my total and Trixie's how about everyone else? Where are we at?

Good to see you Tech ;)

Trixie said...

Tech, you're doing great! You're back with us now and we're glad about that. I hope your back is doing better!