Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Feb. 21 check-in

Well, looks like I might have lost my cute little tracker. No matter -- I know where I started last year and I know where I am today, which is 11 pounds lighter! That may not seem like a big whoop and holler thing, but it is a positive for me. I'm just two pounds from a previous landmark weight and gives me hope of going on down the scale to other landmarks.

Do you have those too? Those weights that stick in your mind at certain times in your life? I have several. The weight I was when I had surgery in 1990. The weight I was when I got married in 1987. My lowest adult weight, when my brother died and the scale started spinning up again. Oh yes, I have a weight for all the memorable dates in my life, and I bet you do too.

I'll have a birthday coming up in just over a month, and I imagine I'm going to have a weight for that too. Then my best friend is getting married this summer, and there will be one for that too.

Funny, isn't it? How great would it be to just have and maintain a good, safe, healthy weight all the time?

One reason I'm allowing myself to go slow with this weight loss is because I am SO TIRED of the wild fluctuations and the yo-yo dieting. I'm tired of having a 50-lb. swing in my weights, depending on the events in my life.

So... onward and downward!


Anonymous said...

WWIN Wahhhhhhhhh!

I haven't been very good at all, and that includes regular weigh-ins with myself.

Let's just say I should have been watching. :(

Michelle said...

I didn't weigh in this last week, since I was gone. It wouldn't have been pretty I am sure...

TECH said...

Now, now, now, we can't beat ourselves up for not weighing-in this time. Let's vow to weight next week no matter what! We have to be serious about this or we're never going to get anywhere.

Michelle said...

Not necessarily beating myself up for not weighing, but more because I knew I wasn't going to weigh and so wasn't diligent about sticking to my plan.

I don't think i am going to go back to the meetings. Everyone that started to go with me, has now quit. I am not going to quit but just do it on my own. I know I can...