Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oh for pity's sake

Can't someone else post first on the dreaded Wednesday Weigh-In? Why must it be me? Why? And why is it that fattening foods taste great? WHY? Well, actually I know that one. We humans are made to like fat. Our body responds to it. It likes fat. Comes from ancient days when we would face starvation in the winter. Now, of course, Big Macs lurk behind every tree, waiting to pounce and force their way into our mouths. Evil Big Macs. Evil.

Anyway, I lost 3.1 pounds. At least, I think I did. The scale is still acting strange, and now I think it might be broke. (Great. I broke the scale. Can't tell you what that does to my self esteem!) So I'm going to have to get another one.

How did you do this week? Were you good? Were you bad? Happy? Sad? And how's the weight loss going?

Did you read Linda's Monday post? Good, inspiring words and tips. Go back and read it if you haven't. It's worth your time.


Michelle said...

Hey now. I posted the WWIN 2 weeks in a row. Thank you very much. At least you get better responses.

Apparently I sucked this last week. And this one isn't going much better. I am up again. .8 It's not a whole pound but might as well be.

Congrats on your loss Tech!

Mama Rose said...

Congrats, Tech!

Michelle, is the going up a pattern or a glitch? Because it's such a small amount that if it's not accumulating so it's adding up to a pattern of gaining, I'd not worry about it. A pound or two can be a normal fluctuation or water retention or something like that. I used to gain 5 pounds every month, and take it right off, because it was monthly water retention. Drove me nuts, but I understood the pattern, so I dealt with it.

I haven't lost any weight, but I am down inches. My wrists are smaller. My shoulders are getting bony. The seat and thighs of my pants are really baggy. I need new shoes because I've walked these to death.

Good luck to everyone. :)