Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Well la-de-dah!

No one has posted since my last post. Does that mean we've abandoned all hope and have become complacent? I hope not! I haven't been able to blog or keep track of my weight. I do know I've been walking a lot the past two months or so. And I've been sweating like a piglet as I've unpacked boxes and tried to start putting my new house in some order. And it's just plain been hot, so there's been lots of sweatiness here.

Guess what I did? No, I didn't indulge in ice cream this week. OK, I'll tell you because, bright as you are, you still won't guess right.

I threw my scales away. Yep, when I was moving, I decided I did not want to move the groady scales that I've had for at least seven -- no, eight years. They had been my mom's and brother's scales. Bob died in 1997 and mom in 1999. I brought them with me after cleaning out her house.

I figured they were old enough that I could claim they were unreliable. Plus they were just gross now. I figured, "New House, New Beginning." The next ones I get will be just for me. Maybe a housewarming to myself after the house isn't so warm any more.

I admit I am a little curious what my "official" number is right now. Not curious enough to weigh myself on the giant "Health-O-Matic" in the bank lobby, but some curious. I've had to set aside some skirts that have either (1) Stretched out or (B) now are simply too big for me.

I have decided it is time to become more aware and particular about what I eat again. I declare that I haven't really enjoyed a meal all summer. That's not saying I haven't eaten. Not at all. Just that no meal has been particularly special (except church potluck dinners.) I'm bored with the same old, same old. There's not a lot in this town that is "special." It's a very homogenized food community. Straight Oklahoma food, with occasional flurries of Chinese buffets and Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurants. Just the kind that don't pass restaurant inspections.
Yes, I am still paying the price for the series I wrote. No one will go to eat with me because they are afraid people will spit in my food, or miss and spit in theirs.

Anyway, it's a good time to do a late summer fast of sorts and not just eat because that's the thing to do.

So are we going to get back on track, or are we finished?

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Michelle said...

I'm not finished. I am just having a hard time getting back on track. It's been difficult with my meds. They mess with my metabolism and immune system which makes everything else kinda wonky.

I need inspiration and drive and support!