Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Time is going so fast!

I have 19 days before my new job starts. I've got a countdown on my iGoogle home page just to keep the pressure up. This means I may not be thinking about The Great Slim Down for a couple of weeks, but I don't want to completely lose sight of my goal with this.

I did weigh today. I am now at an honest, complete 15 pounds off.

Part of the change coming with my move is the intention of becoming less dependent on my car. Even if I drive everywhere, my car use will plummet dramatically in the small town I'm going to.

However, I am focusing my attention on finding a house within a reasonable walking distance from my office. I also intend to get a bicycle with baskets front and back. I'll use the car as necessary, but will be looking at my definition of "necessary."

I'll be returning to the town I grew up in. During my growing-up years, we walked everywhere, even to the grocery store. It took my mother, brother and me to do it, but we did it. It was a rare Saturday when Dad would drive us to the store for a big grocery trip that was more than the three of us could carry during the week. That's what I'm looking to reclaim, a simpler lifestyle where I buy only what I need and what I can carry. Think "shopping at Braums" if you're familiar with the dairy and ice cream store chain. They now sell produce, meat and grocery items, but it's a limited line. None of the impulse shopping items or household needs, just high-quality essentials. I can see biking there for bread, milk and fruit easily. I'll use my own canvas bags with velcro closings so I won't be tempted to buy more than will fit in the baskets.

I'll let you know how this works out! Wish me luck and good intentions!

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TECH said...

15 pounds! Wow! Good job, Trixe! You're awesome.