Monday, October 01, 2007

Back to the doctor Tuesday

I have a follow-up doctor's visit tomorrow morning. I'm not worried that I gained weight -- if anything I think I lost a pound since the last visit. We'll see. I think this will be the great con-fab of 2007 where she sort of starts directing me to better living -- with luck that will include some diabetes education, but honestly, Tech has been wonderful at that. I'm interested in seeing if she prescribes medication for the diabetes. Surely that will be a consideration considering the lab test results. I'm also curious about the results of the EKG which she did not mention in her letter. I hope the visit is not all gloom and doom, but realistically I have no reason to hope for anything else.

Tonight, though, I am going to focus on cleaning up my dining room and trying to get settled at least in that one space. I have a free evening and I think creating a dining sanctuary is a very good use of my time and effort. I want a sacred space that invites me to take greater care of my body.

Photos will be posted on my personal blog of the before, during and after progression. Stay tuned!

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TECH said...

I'm very curious about the medication question myself. I would think she would prescribe something to help you get your blood sugar down until you can get your diet and lifestyle changes all in place.