Monday, October 08, 2007

Good stuff!

I am so happy to have an increase in participation here! Thank all of you for posting more often now and let me tell you how much I appreciate that we each have different things to contribute!

Tech, thank you so much for all you've done to inspire greater sharing. It's a huge help to have someone who is motivated to get others to write about their efforts. And I also thank you more than you can know for sharing diabetes information. I have an appointment with the diabetes educator at 7 tomorrow morning and a diabetes class for several hours Friday morning.

Now, a report on how my good tools are helping my progress. So far, I have lost 2.5 pounds since my doctor's appointment last week. My new scale also measures percent body fat and percent body water. These numbers are much harder to change! I am so dehydrated it may take me a few weeks to get my body water percentage up where it should be, but the main thing is I am aware now and working on that project! I think my cells have been dried up long enough that it's a little difficult to absorb as much water as I've been drinking. I'm trying to make water my main, if not my only, beverage.

Dropping the Diet Coke addiction will be easier than I thought, if I stay aware and alert. I tasted some last night and my brain is already realizing it's just too sweet tasting with good food. But habit won out at lunchtime -- I picked up a bottle and had already started drinking it before I realized what I had done. I must be more vigilant about that -- conscious about my choices. Even iced tea is better; I like the bitterness of unsweetened tea and it seems a better accompaniment to food than an artificially sweet drink. Water, however, is even better and absolutely more satisfying to the body.

I am getting tired of salads, though. I continue to eat them, because they are better than many alternatives. It is time for me to make my own. I've about gotten worn out with the fast-food choices for salads, and many are not truly good alternatives.

Another hint: Maybe you've all already done this, but virtually all fast-food places, as well as chain restaurants, have food nutrition information on their web sites. I spent some time one evening looking at what I consider "best choices" from each of the places I'm most likely to eat at. I was shocked, absolutely shocked, by some of the nutrition information!

It is encouraging, though, to think of the huge reduction in calories that will take place when I have stopped eating those things.

Now, I never did convince myself that Chili's Southwestern Egg Rolls are a diet food. I know better. But here's the shocker (if you like these the way I do): A serving is three pieces (six come in an order, and sometimes this is what I would have for lunch!) THREE have 810 calories, 51 grams of fat, 10 grams of saturated fat, 59 grams of carb, 29 grams of protein, 10 grams of fiber and 1250 mg sodium!!! YIKES. My "lunch" has 1620 calories, way way more than I should have all day! But, but, I say, it's veggies! Yeah, right. Faulty thinking. I know better now. No more fooling myself that way. Now I will be informed before I go to a restaurant and order something I "think" is good for me.

Better choices. It's all about knowing the truth and choosing better.


Jean said...

Good for you Trixie. I have a body fat scale, but I hadn't heard of one that measures water content. Fascinating.

Yes, many restaurants have nutrition information on their websites and it can be an eye-opening read. It IS useful to go to them before going out to eat, because you can plan your approach and go in knowing what will work best with both your desires and your dietary goals. That can make the dining experience much more enjoyable -- and if they don't have anything that works, you can adjust your plans to go somewhere that does.

I found that particularly useful when I was focusing on a vegetarian diet, but it applies across the board.

Jean said...

Oh, yes, I second your appreciation to Tech for encouraging more participation here. Even though I'm the "new guy/gal," Tech's diabetes posts have been useful for me, too. I don't want to develop diabetes, so paying attention to dietary considerations makes a lot of sense.

jeannie diane said...

Ok guys, count me back in. Trixie, I read your blog yesterday.

Sweetie, I have been waiting for someone to say those words to me. I do know I have got to do some changing.

Good luck to us all...

TECH said...

Thanks, Trixie and Jean. I hope the participation continues. I know I need the support.

Mama Rose said...

I think it's ironic, and funny, that you posted that you're getting tired of salads on the day I bought out the produce department because I've been craving more salads. LOL

Trixie said...

I'm learning there are salads and there are salads. Some places have great ones, and others have the kind you want to see whither in the fridge. In some ways, Sonic's grilled chicken salad is nice. But the lettuce is the shredded stuff they put on their hamburgers. Definitely not my thing!
It also pays to be very careful about "fancy" salads that can be overloaded with little extras that probably we need to be wary of. It's just so easy to say "But it's just a salad!" (with mandarin oranges, or candied almonds, or yummy croutons... those all add up!)