Sunday, October 07, 2007

New Baby Steps

OK. Fat Daddy has lost 43 pounds since the end of May (Yay for him!). I've gained three. Three is much less than I thought, but it's still going in a direction I don't want to go. This weekend, I decided to re-evaluate what Baby Steps I was taking, because the ones I thought would be simple enough weren't working.

I'm already walking at least five days a week -- I do some light trotting about one day per week, but it takes a few days for my knees to recover from that. I'm adding a Baby Step of doing one FitDeck card per night every night. That will take about two minutes, if that -- I need to establish the habit. Then it will be easy to add more cards and get it to a good work out.

I've gotten away from keeping my food diary. I was doing very well when I wasn't using it to evaluate what I was eating. I'm going back to just logging what I eat.

I'll continue working through Body Clutter. I'm about half-way through, and I think it's useful.

I have a private blog I started a few months ago but have been irregular about posting to it. I'm going to post here about once a week to report on how well I've done in meeting these goals. I plan to re-evaluate at the beginning of November to determine what to do next.

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TECH said...

I find the idea to of FitDeck to be great. I'm going to make up a personal one for me with the exercises I can do, and then start drawing some daily.