Thursday, October 04, 2007


First, Tech, your banner prompted me to get another glass of water before starting this post -- it's a good thing.

I've reached a non-effective point in my efforts. I can give lip service to wanting to lose weight, but I'd have to say I almost actively resist doing what I know I need to do to lose weight. This is the worst self-sabotage I've experienced yet in my life. It used to be I'd get on a roll and eat right, be happy, weight would fall off, and then one day it was as if a switch flipped in my head, and it all stopped working.

Maybe the same is true now -- in January 2006, I switched to a vegetarian lifestyle and lost ten pounds in the first month. I mostly kept them off. I injured my knee in March of 2006, but it still stayed off. I had my knee surgery in late July. In September, weight began to creep on. I still did pretty well. By the time January 2007 rolled around, I showed a net loss of 3.2 pounds for 2006. Not something most people would say much about, but I typically gain 10 - 30 pounds in a year. Losing 3 was huge to me.

For 2007, I'm up 23.8 pounds. Something must change -- and it needs to be me. In my case, weight loss has always been mental. When I achieve an appropriate mental state about the matter, weight falls off. When that "switch" flips, I feel powerless to do anything to correct the situation. It's a long weekend, maybe it's a good time to reflect and seek the "good" place again.

What do you do to get "back on track"?

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FrenziedFeline said...

I TRY (emphasis on "try") to get back on track the minute after I slip off. It doesn't do any good to wait until tomorrow or next Monday.

Um, yeah, I know all this, but it's soooooo hard to put into practice! ;)