Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Food Journals

A food journal works because it stops you from fooling yourself about what you really ate. I have an issue with doing it, though, because I've spent so much of my life planning food, tracking food, etc. with not much result. I lost the weight the last time without using one. I don't know if I can continue to do that, though. It's something I'm thinking about these days. I'm having problems with the varicose veins in my legs and so the pounds are starting to matter. I'm trying to decide how I want to approach this.

I've been reading the materials by Chef Kathleen Daelmans. She's a professional chef. About 12 years ago, she took a job and moved to Hawaii. After she got there, she was informed her job had changed. They wanted her to cook for the spa kitchen, not the regular one. She was a size 22. She figured out how to cook spa food and won a lot of awards. She also figured out how to lose a lot of weight. Now she's a size eight.

I'm thinking that with my love of cooking and good food, I might try using her methods for dealing with food. Her cookbooks have a lot of recipes and the concepts of how she did it. But they're short on how to break it down into doable steps. I ordered her workbook and when it gets here, I'll be better able to decide if I think it will work for me and is something I can do.

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