Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What a surprise!

We have been lax with our posts in December! I completely understand. This is the hardest time of year to focus on taking care of ourselves. Some days the best we can hope for is to hold the line and minimize the damage.

I have to report though, so please indulge me for a minute. Thanks. I had my last diabetes education class yesterday after work. There was a bit of a pop quiz, to see how much I remembered of the intensive classes I had during October and November. I'm glad to report that my diligent note-taking paid off and drilled the information into my brain, to the satisfaction of the diabetes educator. I've identified three areas I need to work on for the next couple of months -- finding an option for winter exercise since the weather may preclude my walks; finding a method of making sure that I take my second dose of medicine each day (there's one pill that I need to take twice a day and I often find myself forgetting the second dose.) Third, remembering to test my blood sugar level at least once a day, at different times. This is difficult because I can't just link it with one particular meal or time of day. I need to create a rotating schedule, sometimes monitoring before meals, and other times two hours after a meal. I think I need to rely on setting the alarm on my cell phone to prompt my memory so I can get a better picture over time.

So overall, things are going well except for the occasional memory slips when I may skip that second dose of meds or not get monitoring in on one day. I can do better, but I certainly could also do a lot worse. Just something to work on.

I am very pleased to report that I have now lost 22 pounds from my top weight when we started The Great Slim Down. Officially it is 8 pounds off since I was diagnosed with diabetes in September. Not a rapid weight loss, but steady, and so far, permanent. I'm now down to my "fightin' weight," when I got married.

Surely I'm not the only one who remembers landmark events by how much I weighed then, right?

My goal is to get down to the weight I was 10 years ago when my brother died and I could wear a size 8 Liz Claiborne. Only 27 pounds to go for that! I can do it!


Jean said...

Good for you, Trixie!

Do you have multiple alarms on your cell phone? Might you be able to set up a varied schedule on Sunday (or some other regular day) and have alarms set to go off at different times throughout the week? If nothing else, use the alarm to go off every day when you want to take that second pill to remind you.

Or, you could schedule reminders on Outlook or some other scheduling program to come up like appointments.

Trixie said...

Great suggestions, Jean!! I'm going to try the Outlook reminders.