Thursday, January 17, 2008

Two Week

Ugh. I'm up six pounds on the year now. I guess my sickness dehydration disappeared.

Not a very good week for me. On the positive side, I walked three miles today. I think I have set a workout schedule of weight training (with bands and hand weights) on Mondays, yoga on Wednesdays (as long as my knee holds up), and spinning on Friday. In between, I really need to walk Hershey -- and I need to push myself to walk more three mile walks than one mile walks.

I have logged my food, weight, and exercise in my food diary this week -- there were a couple of days when I almost didn't. I almost went to Burger King one day and convinced myself not to. Not so "lucky" for today, but today's success was in talking myself out of King sizing ("only" large sized) what I got (Whopper Jr -- they are better than the Whopper).


Anonymous said...

I think that's a little to be expected when you lost all that weight from being ill. We always have such grand plans for that weight loss, then our bodies rebel and put most or all of it back on. It's just not fair!

However, you do get kudos for the walking and all! Way to go on the restraint at BK, too! :)

Jean said...

Interestingly, I've been dropping half a pound a day this week, though, so maybe I'm making some progress I didn't realize.