Friday, February 01, 2008

An Update

I posted another essay on my blog that ended up, at least partly, being about food and weight. I'm being lazy and not crossposting it here. You guys can click on the link in the sidebar. It's my ploy to try to get a little more traffic on my blog, hopefully traffic that consists of people who might be interested in what I write. lol

I've been maintaining my weight pretty steadily since I started writing it down. My habit to work on now is to put the calorie count down. The thing about that is that I have to pay more attention to portion sizes in order to be accurate about the calorie count. I hate weighing and measuring my food, but there's really no other way to be accurate. It's important because the calorie counts aren't absolute. There's a percentage of error caused by natural variation in food and that companies aren't rigorous in figuring it all out. Often, if you look at a company's line of similar foods, the calorie counts will be the same, even if the ingredients are very different. So, guessing at the portions just exaggerates the inaccuracy of your calorie counts.

The other habit I want to work on is getting back into exercising regularly. I miss doing that. I've done some exercising since I last wrote that's my goal, just not at the level I was last year. So, I'm working back up to that level. We've had a lot of rain, but it's sunny outside now, so I'm going to go for a walk while the weather's still good.

My third habit is to get back to planning and cooking the meals I planned. I miss cooking regularly and I have to be stricter with people who call at the last minute wanting me to do stuff for them. Sometimes it's not an issue. Sometimes it's something I can't say no to because there's a time limit and I'm getting paid to do it. But there are times I could say no, but like a lot of nurturing women, I don't.

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