Monday, September 15, 2008

Nothing Special Right Now

I'm afraid I don't have anything special or even exciting to report. Weight loss has halted for now. I'm trying to keep it down. I love losing when it takes no work or thought, but when it stalls, I get frustrated.

I feel like it should always just fall off with little conscious effort. Yes, I know that's silly and foolish, but it's just the way I feel (and I doubt I'm alone about that).

I'm still checking in at the blog, and, while the dressing recipe is yummy, I really wanted to see something else at the top of the page.

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TECH said...

I haven't forgot this blog. Just been too sick to have much to say about losing weight, particularly since what seems to work best for me is illness. I've lost 17 pounds now, and it's weird to hear my doctors say that I need to stop that. Oh, they'd like me to lose weight, just not this fast. Hey, me, too.