Friday, September 19, 2008

SmartOnes for Breakfast

I just saw this ad on SparkPeople and followed it. I'm not a huge fan of Weight Watchers frozen meals, but these breakfasts look yummy. Three of them are four points and the fourth is five points. The quesadillas have the best fiber content of the four and are only four points. To me, the Canadian Bacon English Muffin looks great (competition for MickeyD's Egg McMuffin?).

I know several of you are working with Weight Watchers, and breakfast can be a tough meal to do right. Maybe these will help -- or give you ideas for things you can do quickly and easily on your own.

Added: These all have 27 or 28 grams of carbs. According to my nutrition adviser, I'm supposed to keep my carb intake to 30 grams or less per day. If that's what you're being advised, these would be a no-go for us.

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TECH said...

The sandwiches made with muffins are good. The other two, not so good. The muffins retain their texture when microwaved.