Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 10: The road goes ever on

Sanako and I each walked another 3/4 of a mile last night, so together we have walked a mile and a half. That was farther than I had walked in years so I was somewhat out of breath for a while afterwards. I hope to walk that amount again tonight.

An animal or a creature riled the camels midway through the night. The soft sand didn't hold any prints so we were unable to determine what it was. We moved the camels closer to the fire and spent some time soothing them. Clyde is such a big baby. I also think he might be interested in Eloise. I will have to speak with Lady Trixie and see if such a pairing would be acceptable.

We four have long talks over the campfire at night and during the day when we ride our camels side-by-side. Both Lady Michelle and Lady Trixie offer intelligent and wise comments. We are fortunate to have such charming traveling companions with us.

Now I must sleep. The road goes ever on, and I must have rest before tomorrow morn.

Only 6877.5 miles to Jericho.

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Trixie said...

Eloise says "hubba, hubba!"
Last night I did a fair amount of walking around the Wal-Marts. I hope that's not cheating, but it seems that a fairly well-lighted and somewhat temperature controlled environment, along with a basket to grab if I get all wonky, may be in everyone's best interest at present. I'd say I did a half-mile all told. And today I tried to take a break and walk around the parking lot at work, but the wind, she was fierce and cold. Eloise pulled me back inside.