Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 9: Exciting news

Lady Michelle took another mile off our total. This is exciting news and led to much celebration around the campfire, particularly since Sanako and I have been occupied and have been riding our camels instead of walking.

More exciting news: Lady Trixie and her racing camel Eloise have joined us! Now we are four brave adventurers trekking across continents, lakes, seas, oceans, mountains, rivers, valleys, towns, cities, villages, caves ... You get the idea.

While looking at the Jigmap given to us by Sage Manjarous, I realize we will reach the City of Ponca at 6834. It will nice to see civilization again for the brief time we can spend there.

I have not seen the "dark figure" again. Perhaps it was just my imagination. However, yesterday Sanako, while answering nature's call, noticed footprints that ran parallel to the path of our Caravan. He lost the trail when the ground became rocky. It was probably a wandering shepherd or some mystic seeking enlightenment in the wilderness. Still it is troubling. We must remain vigilant.

6879 miles to walk before we reach Jericho.

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