Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 5: Now we are three

Exciting news! Yesterday, we were joined in our Caravan by the lovely Michelle and her strong camel Humphrey. I look forward to hearing her mileage reports. Jericho seems less far away now that she has joined us. Her ready laugh and beautiful eyes do much to enliven our journey.

Sanako, Hassan, Clyde, and I added another mile to the mileage. Less problem with the yappers last night as our route took us further away from them. Clyde and Hassan do not like it when the yappers howl at them. Nor do I. It’s an eerie sound.

One thing I will note, although it is probably just a figment of my overtired imagination. Twice this evening, I saw -- or thought I saw -- a figure following us. In both cases, I glimpsed the figure among the trees. Neither Sanako nor Michelle saw whatever it was, and I cannot be sure what I saw. Shadows can play tricks on your mind. Perhaps it was only the wind, but it seemed to my straining eyes that it was man-shaped, but large. Very large.

My legs are still complaining about the walking. I expect to have a couple more weeks of this pain until I finally toughen up. I will be glad when I am able to devote more time and effort to Walking to Jericho. We still have 6880 miles to go.


Michelle said...

I have one Mile!

I plan to walk a bit this weekend too :)

Trixie said...

Eloise and I will join you tomorrow!