Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day Three, Walking to Jericho

Sanako, Hassan, Clyde, and I logged another mile today. The trek was hard, and we were dogged by yappers who loudly announced their territory whenever we drew near. Clyde chased one of them, but I was worried the yappers might be trying to lead my proud prince of the desert into a trap and reined him back.

We are not making the mileage I had hoped, but it takes a while for one to become adjusted to the pace. We have thousands of miles to go, so there is no need for impatience. Soon we will be making more miles as we and the camels become used to the traveling, particularly if others join the Caravan to Jericho. The Sage Manjarous often commented on how larger Caravans travel faster. I hope others join us in our adventure.

I will close now. My weary bones call for rest. I am not used to this travel, but I believe I will toughen up soon. 6881 miles to go.

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